Voorhees Power Washing


Voorhees Power Washing

Voorhees New Jersey residents shopping online for exterior cleaning should consider the professional services Aqua Boy Power Washing has to offer. Aqua Boy Power Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning is a locally family owned business. Aqua Boy has the highest overall reputation in South Jersey. Here is what separates Aqua Boy Power Washing from other companies targeting the area.

Voorhees Power Washing

Pressure washing has long been the go to application for exterior cleaning, but a lot has changed over the last decade. Pressure washing is the use of force or heavy pressure to break free grime and algae. This application has many valuable attributes for concrete cleaning, paver cleaning and other surfaces that can handle the heavy pressure without damage. Pressure Washing or Power Washing can effectively clean the following areas.



Soft washing in Voorhees, New Jersey is one of Aqua Boy Power Washing’s specialties. Our family owned business is a recognized leader in New Jersey. Soft Washing is a heavily marketed term. Unfortunately, Soft Washing is not Power Washing with the pressure turned down, in fact Soft Washing isn’t used in this exterior cleaning application. Soft washing is a low pressure pump delivering detergents and a cold rinse with about 65 to 100 psi. Soft Washing your Voorhees home or business will protect your property from unnecessary damaging pressure and will keep your Voorhees, New Jersey property cleaner for longer. Soft Washing is scientifically proven to treat and remove the living organisms, such as algae and mold. Aqua Boy uses top rated soaps and anti algae detergents that are eco friendly and keep surfaces cleaner for longer. Aqua Boy Soft Washing wipes out algae with a 100% ratio. This is important to Voorhees and South Jersey customers because with this cleaning application your Voorhees residence will remain cleaner for longer. The Soft Washing service not only cleans surfaces better than conventional Power Washing, but saves Voorhees customers money. Power Washing on average needs to be repeated annually, but Soft Washing last over 18 months plus.

Voorhees Deck Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your Voorhees deck Aqua Boy Power Washing is a deck cleaning specialist. There are many decking materials out in the market today. Composite decking alone has evolved over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, many people have an older style composite deck, which requires low pressure cleaning. Certain wood decks require many different applications, but untrained Power Washers believe the more pressure… the cleaner the deck becomes. With this belief in hand more insurance claims are processed every year for heavy damaged decks in Voorhees, New Jersey. Our trained and uniformed staff have been classroom trained on what application works for the right decking material. If your Voorhees deck needs to be freshened up for the 2018 season then call the experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing.


Concert cleaning

Over the course of time concrete and other hard surfaces such as pavers become discolored. These surfaces become slipping hazards and require cleaning. Concrete and pavers are breeding grounds for algae and mold. All these flat surfaces trap dirt, stealing the beauty of your Voorhees patios, walkways and driveways. Aqua Boy Power Washing’s hot cleaning technology can restore the look of these surfaces and help prevent future growth. Our three step process remains the highest standard to clean a hard flat surface. Visit our online photo gallery and you’ll discover Aqua Boy Power Washing is a cut above the rest.

Roof cleaning Voorhees New Jersey

Not sure if your black stained roof needs to be cleaned? Do you live in Voorhees, New Jersey but don’t know how to find a trusted company, coupled with the right price? Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is located just off Route 73 in Marlton, New Jersey. We are the highest rated certified roof cleaning company in South Jersey. We arrive with over 10 years experience and a trusted name in the exterior cleaning business. We offer a 5 year limited free warranty on all full roof cleanings. Our low pressure – Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is highest standard in the Roof cleaning industry. Each trained roof cleaning technician has been classroom and field trained to ensure your Voorhees Roof receives the highest level of service. When Voorhees residences contact our family owned business we promptly arrive and examine your roof before we deliver a free estimate, other companies just look at your house online and email a quote. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning will physically inspect your Voorhees Roof to ensure the best course of action for cleaning.

During the cleaning process we arrive with the latest eco friendly soaps and cleaning technology in the industry. All of Aqua Boys equipment is state-of the art and designed to deliver the correct amount of pressure and detergent without damaging your roof. Your Voorhees property will be protected during the entire cleaning process. Aqua Boy prides itself on protecting plants, trees and shrubs while cleaning your roof. Many contractors never send out three technicians on one project, but we always employ a dedicated member to oversee the safety and protection during the cleaning project. That’s the Aqua Boy difference!


Aqua Boy Power Washing has been servicing the Voorhees, New Jersey for years with an excellent track record! If your looking for affordable pricing and excellent results and service please call 609-923-4700



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