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Trusting and hiring contractors is a nerve racking task for many South Jersey towns

Medford has always done an excellent job vetting exterior cleaners. Screening non-local power washing companies can avoid price gouging and prevent damage to your Medford property. Medford has always demanded their roof cleaner or power washer be reputable, local and have a proven track record. Because of this, Medford uses check lists and Referral systems. Aqua Boyhas been Medford and Medford Lake’s first choice. Our family owned local business has always provided an honest and up front hometown customer service feeling; coupled, with amazing results and affordability. It’s because of this Medford support our family has always paid it forward by doing charity work and supported other local businesses in Medford. The money you spend with our local family business stays in the town of Medford unlike contractors that target Medford, because of its dense foliage knowing well Medford properties have it tough with respect to heavy algae.

No one knows how to tackle Medford’s algae problem like the local experts at Aqua Boy

The Best Medford Power Washing Aqua Boy

Aqua Boy Power Washing has been serving Medford and Medford lakes for over 13 years with an amazing track record. Our local business has developed the very best way to combat algae growth in Medford. With our highly advanced certified Soft Washing equipment and eco friendly detergent Medford’s organic growths are no match for Aqua Boy! When our uniformed staff arrive we can clean your Medford roof, Medford house and all other surfaces on your property. With our Total Care package we have taken the need to call multiple companies to clean different areas around your Medford property. Our certified Soft washing is designed to treat and kill algae and other organic growth on contact without the use of heavy pressure or effecting the natural beauty on your landscaping. Our soft wash process lasts longer than conventional power washing.

Hard flat surface and algae growth

Paver systems, concrete and other hard services should be maintained for their beauty and to prevent slipping hazards. Medford customers know all too well that their flat surfaces around their Medford property become blackened and algae covered after each winter. Algae, mold and other organic growth have many negative impacts if not cleaned properly. Flat surfaces can become slippery and diminish the look of your property. Fortunately , Aqua Boy Power Washing has developed a cleaning application that is not only affordable but also remarkable with respect to the end results. Unlike other outside companies that will just power wash those problematic areas and blow the algae off the surface.

This application does very little to effectively treat the organic growth and mold found on many flat surfaces around your Medford property. Aqua Boy Power Washing goes two steps above the average roof cleaning companies. First, we give a cold high pressure rinse to those flat surfaces. Secondly, we treat each flat surface and eradicate mold, algae and other organic growth off the surface. Finally, aquaboy will hot steam clean your Medford flat surfaces utilizing our hot water cleaning technology. This final step is essential in bringing about the highest results that will last the longest for Medford customers. This cleaning application it’s truly the best way for Medford residences to have long lasting results with respect to concrete, paver systems and other flat surfaces around your Medford property.

There is no more important surface on your Medford house to maintain than your roof

The Best Medford Power Washing

The ONLY 5 Year Original Roof Guarantee

That’s right, unfortunately the truth of the matter is that Medford residences suffer from algae and mold covered roofs. These organic contaminants left untreated can wreak havoc on your asphalt shingle. If you’re Medford Roof has black streaks, Moss and lichen it is the most important surface around your property to be cleaned. Ignoring these organic growths will only prematurely age a roof and force Medford customers to replace the roof much sooner. With an average cost between $5000 dollars and $8000 dollars to replace an entire roof, it makes complete sense to have your Medford roof professionally soft washed. With an average cost of just $400, the Aqua Boy roof cleaning team can clean your Medford roof Utilizing our state of the art soft wash systems, which will eradicate all harmful living organic growth.

Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning has perfected roof cleaning and is the highest rated roof cleaner in all of New Jersey!
Please visit our 650 – 5 star reviews on google. No other company in Southern New Jersey has more awards with respect to certified roof cleaning than Aqua Boy. We employ three uniformed trained, background checked technicians. They deliver the highest results for your peace of mind. In addition we offer our 5 year spot free limited warranty on all full roof cleanings. Please visit our reviews and Face Book photos and you’ll discover we’ve cleaned St. Mary Of The Lakes school and thousands of Medford properties over the course of a decade. Trust the true local family business at Aqua Boy Power Washing.

Discover why Aqua Boy Power Washing, Roof Cleaning and Soft Washing has been Medford’s first choice year after year!

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