Power Washing Your Philadelphia Home Improves Value

What is Power Washing?

Power washing your Philadelphia home involves the use of water applied at high pressure to clean the exterior surfaces of a home, ridding it of dirt, cobwebs, mold, etc. Various types of machines and methods can be used for this cleaning operation, depending on the condition of the surface to be washed and the worker’s preferences.

Why is Power Washing Necessary?

The real estate industry remains vibrant as ever. Around six million home sales are made in the U.S. annually. Consequently if you one day decide to sell your home, power washing can significantly affect the prices that it attracts on the market. Here are 6 ways that power washing your Philadelphia home can boost it’s value:

1. It Eliminates Mold

Power Washing Your Philadelphia Home

There are few factors that can hamper the success of a home sale as much as the discovery of a mold infestation. Finding mold during pre-purchasing home inspections can cause potential buyers to lose faith in the seller if this problem was not disclosed beforehand and dampen their enthusiasm for the purchase.

It is estimated that the prices offered for homes can drop by around 50% if and when they are found to be mold-infested. Furthermore, mold can trigger certain allergic reactions in people, causing them trouble with breathing among other health problems. Power washing rids your home of mold and mildew, protecting its value as well as the health of its residents.

2. Keeps Your Curb in Top Shape

First impressions matter a lot. And your curb is one of the first places that potential buyers see when inspecting your building. No one wants to buy a home with a grimy and stained curb.

Power washing clears away all the dirt which have accumulated on your curb, making it appealing to buyers. Accordingly, it is estimated that a home’s value can rise by up to 12% when its curb is in pristine condition. This means that you stand to benefit more, from a financial standpoint, by getting your curb power-washed before a home sale.

3. Helps You Identify Issues

Home sales can be scuttled if buyers find undisclosed faults in a home. These may include rotting, insect nests, etc. Some of these faults may be hidden behind layers of accumulated dirt and may be undetected by the homeowner.

Power washing your Philadelphia home reveals these problems by clearing away the debris. This enables homeowners to arrange for the appropriate maintenance work to be carried out before sales. Doing this ensures that your home is saved from the deterioration that can be caused by some of these hidden faults, saving you from having to make more expensive repairs later.


4. Protects Your Home’s Exterior Siding

Your home’s siding plays an important role in determining its value on the market. Accordingly, realtors generally advise home sellers to re-side their property before making the sale. For example your home’s value can rise by an estimated 76% if re-sided. But why spend huge sums changing your siding when you can make it appear new by getting it power-washed?

Power washing removes the debris on your siding, leaving it clean and shining as new and raising the home’s resale value. However, since some types of siding may be damaged by badly applied pressure washing, it is best to engage a professional to do the job.

5. Makes Your Home Ready For a Move-In

Many home buyers want homes that require minimal or no cleaning, renovation and repair work before they can move in. As a result, these repair projects cost buyers extra resources and make it impossible for them to move in immediately after they make the home purchase.

Giving your house a good power wash makes it appear fresh and clean, increasing its appeal to buyers and boosting its value on the market. Additionally buyers would be pleased to learn that they can move in as soon as they want, it’s an added benefit.

6. Improves Your Home’s General Appearance

Powerwashing Your Philadelphia Home RoofWhen it comes to home sales, looks matter a lot. Buyers are naturally attracted to homes that look clean and well-maintained. Power washing your Philadelphia is key. And it gives your driveways, sidewalks, siding and other parts of your home’s exterior the pristine looks that buyers want.

And for people looking to advertise their homes on the internet, photos taken after a good power wash portray homes in the best condition. This prompts a greater deal of attention from potential customers.

Power washing your Philadelphia home: Conclusion

Power washing your Philadelphia home can boost the resale value of your home. You must get rid of dirt and grime, which may make a bad impression on potential buyers. If you need professional power washing services in South Jersey, Aqua Boy Powerwashing is the right company to turn to. Contact us today to get a quote. We provide excellent resident and commercial power washing services. You can count on our experienced team to give your home the thorough power washing it deserves. A wonderful experienced awaits you.

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