Moorestown Power Washing

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Moorestown Power Washing


5 year roof cleaning warranty

Soft Washing is not Power Washing, although both applications deliver a detergent and rinse. Power Washing delivers water / detergent through a pump driven by a gas or diesel engine. The pressure of a Power Washer can be regulated, but does not have the detailed finesse a Soft Wash system has.  Soft Washing is an outstanding cleaning technique for many applications. It’s a basic system, much like what your professional pest control or lawn fertilizer guy uses to deliver chemicals. It consists of a 12-volt pump and a sprayer. You may see one or two 200-gallon poly tanks. The Soft Wash system delivers pressure equivalent to a garden hose. Detergents and the final rinse are sprayed from a PVC wand with accuracy. Soft Washing can be an excellent cleaning technique for residential and commercial projects. Soft Washing can be considered more of a treatment application without the pressure and water usage you see from a traditional power washing system. Soft Washing and Power Washing have their advantages and differences, so make sure to hire a professional that is skilled in both applications. Aqua Boy Power Washing is that company.

Aqua Boy Power Washing can deliver quality workmanship in either cleaning application, so we can assist our customers in a honest direction for their next cleaning project. Aqua Boy Power Washing is highly skilled in Power Washing, Roof Cleaning and Soft Washing. When we arrive at any cleaning project we are equipped with all of the professional Power Washing and Soft Washing equipment in the market. With the right equipment and trained staff we can find the absolute right applications for the best results in your next cleaning project. We guarantee the absolute highest results in the business. Please view our customer reviews online and on Facebook. Aqua Boy Power Washing has a proven track record within South Jersey. We offer a 5-year roof warranty on all soft wash roof cleaning. If your looking for a true professional exterior cleaner in South Jersey let Aqua Boy Power Washing be your next call. Please call for a free estimate.























































































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