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Turning Pebbles into Diamonds

Aqua Boy Power washing and roof cleaning has a passion for making things shine! When it comes to Medford roof cleaning, we have been helping thousands of homeowners clean their roofs to a sparkling like-new appearance.  Therefore, if you live in the Medford area, and have an aging roof that needs attention, our soft wash roof cleaning system may be the diamond in the rough you’re looking for. Why spend thousands of dollars on a brand new roof when a simple soft-wash may be the answer? With our Medford Original 5 Year Roof Warranty and fair & honest pricing, you don’t have to spend a fortune! Read our Reviews

Highest rated #1 roof cleaning medford diamondWith age, roofs pick up all kinds of contaminants, endure weather, and suffer through heat. In addition, your roof has to withstand this constant bombardment while protecting your home and providing warmth and cooling. With changing climate, heat and moisture bring biological growth. This growth is what gives your roof an unsightly appearance over time. This growth, when left unchecked or untreated, can cause your roof to appear black, moldy or sometimes even green. Over 60% of the roofs we survey in Medford or Medford Lakes have this biological growth. You should get a complete Medford Roof Cleaning to leave your roof shining like new!

In order to combat these uninvited biological tenants, one must consider having your roof cleaned or washed every so often. Having your roof traditionally power washed is undesirable however. High pressure and typical power-washing chemicals do more harm than good. Pressure causes shingles to become dislodged and attack the coating on the shingles themselves. This leaves your roof more vulnerable to growth. Furthermore, your roof will be unable to continue to provide your home with protection.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

So how should your roof be cleaned or washed? Aqua Boy uses a process called soft washing. This technique eliminates the physical component of cleaning (high pressure) as used by most Medford power washing companies. We use gentle, environmentally safe chemicals to clean and wash your roof. We eliminate the pressure which preserves the life of your shingles while eradicating years of growth, stains and contamination. It’s sort of like a spa day for your roof!

Benefits of Medford Roof Cleaning

So your roof gets a spa day; why is this good?  Well, for starters, your roof will thank you for getting all the grime and gunk off of it, not to mention what’s growing on it! Moreover, your roof won’t only look good, it will feel good! What do you mean? Well, eliminating growth slows the aging of your roof. It extends its life. Cleaning your roof will extend its protection. By eliminating biological growth, you are literally removing organisms that feed on components in the shingles’ makeup. A longer living roof equals a happy roof. And a happy roof equals a happy you. See Our Gallery

Medford Roof Cleaning 5 Year Warranty Diamond

Diamonds are Forever

What do diamonds have to do with roofs? Well, it’s simple. Diamonds sparkle. Your roof will sparkle when Aqua Boy is done cleaning it. Will the sparkle last forever? Of course not, but with our Original 5 Year Roof Guarantee, it will last a good long while! Keeping your roof (and home’s exterior) clean will also add curb appeal and increase the value of your most prized and costly investment — your home. Get a Roof Cleaning Quote

Finding Your ‘Diamond in the Roof’

It’s a funny play on words, we know. But you too can make your roof sparkle like new. Our simple process is quick and affordable. If you are in need of a Medford roof cleaning, schedule with confidence knowing we are the #1 highest rated roof cleaner in town! See Our Reviews Here

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