Medford Roof Cleaning | Power Washing

Medford Roof Cleaning | Power Washing

Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning has been servicing the Medford area for over a decade. We have family and friends that have been apart of Medford for the last 50 years. Aqua Boy Power Washing is located in Marlton, New Jersey and has thousands of satisfied customers; in fact, we have cleaned for the township of Medford and several others businesses such as St. Mary on the Lakes Church and School. As 2018 spring season approaches and you begin to examine your exterior cleaning needs please consider a LOCAL and FAMILY owned business like Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning. Aqua Boy Power Washing has the highest reputation within the South Jersey for overall customer service and amazing results.  Here are a few strong reasons why Medford and Medford Lakes chooses Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning year after year.

Medford New Jersey Roof Cleaning

Roof Algae in Medford, New Jersey.

No one knows Medford and Medford Lakes like the family owned business of Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning. Medford and Medford Lakes have a one of the most natural picturesque landscapes within South Jersey. From Lakes to the Medford trails to the small town close knit community it’s one of a kind. Unfortunately, all the trees and shaded areas become a breeding ground for all forms of growths. Medford is covered with lichen, moss and algae. These algae and bacterial growths can be found on Medford roofs, houses and flat surfaces. These growths become much more than an aesthetic issue. Many Medford roofs become brittle, moisture rotted or prematurely age because of the three predominate growths. Moss covered Medford roofs trap moisture and rot wood and lift shingles. Lichen covers Medford Roofs destroying the Roof and removing patches of Roof granules. There’s a way to protect your Medford roof and stop the damage.Aqua Boy Soft Wash Roof Cleaning can effectively clean your Medford or Medford Lake Roof without the use of damaging pressure and guarantee it for 5 years. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is a leader in the Roof cleaning industry and has the largest overall highest customer service rating and track record in Medford and Medford lakes.

Medford Roof Cleaning | Power Washing


Medford Roof Cleaning | Power Washing

From our state-of-the-art Roof cleaning systems, coupled with the best eco- friendly detergents in the industry. We can arrive the very same day and discuss your roof cleaning plans. Aqua Boy provides an overall customer experience that other outside companies targeting the town of Medford can’t offer. We arrive with a proven track record within the town of Medford. We can boldly say no company cleans more Medford Roofs and Houses than the experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing. Here’s the reason why Medford chooses Aqua Boy Power Washing for its Roof cleaning over the outside competition.
Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning has perfected the most effective way to clean your Medford Roof without damaging it or causing any damage to the surrounding area. This is what separates Aqua Boy from companies targeting the area. Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process is the standard throughout the United States. We arrive with equipment custom designed to distribute the correct amount of pressure and detergent without human error. This system is a pump system that delivers the very best eco friendly cleaners in the market. During the cleaning process we arrive with 3 uniformed staff that are trained in safety and proficient in roof cleaning.

During the process, Medford residences can rest assure that their property will be protected at all times. Some contractors attempt to cut cost by utilizing two workers, but Aqua Boy arrives with three trained techs that protect your entire landscaping throughout the entire process. From your family, pets and lakes… Aqua Boy Power Washing has you covered.

Medford Roof Cleaning | Power Washing


Whatever deck cleaning your Medford, New Jersey property requires, Aqua Boy Power Washing has the most advanced cleaning application in the industry. From wooden decking to more advanced composit decking Aqua Boy can effectively clean your Medford deck without the use of heavy damaging pressure. From our eco-friendly mild soaps, coupled with our professional grade high and low pressure cleaning equipment we can deliver exceptional results at affordable prices. Each trained Aqua Boy staff memeber knows the correct pressure and detergent to bring about the highest results. During the cleaning process, our uniformed staff will pay close attention to surrounding plants and shrubs. Aqua Boy Power Washing will  ensure every Medford and Medford Lakes customer receives the very best results, coupled with excellent customer service. Call for a free estimate 609-923-4700

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