Medford Power Washing: Local is Better

When it Comes to Medford Power Washing, Local is Better!

In searching for Power Washing in Medford , every contractor claims to be ‘Local’. Why is that? It’s because the township of Medford is a tight community. The residents here look after one another. Referrals are made based on quality of work, and whether the contractor is an accepted member of the community. This means the contractor must be at least local to the town to be accepted. Beware that there are many companies that simply claim to be local in order to get your business.

But do scrutinize who you trust in quoting for projects and hard-earned money! Because Medford is a highly targeted area for contractors, most companies only claim they’re local!  Ask to see their licenses. Ask for their business address. Check their website and social reviews. It should be quite easy to determine if the company is local or not. Finally, use the below two Facebook groups to find a local and honest power Washer. Medford residents use these groups specifically to find local companies. Only local companies are permitted membership on these groups.


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When Medford and Medford Lake customers search for a professional local exterior cleaner with the highest reputation in all of New Jersey, one name comes to mind: Aquaboy Power Washing Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning. We have been serving the Medford community and have been a part of Medford for the past 40 years. Although this is a heavily targeted area because of the dense foliage and the rapid growth of algae on your roof concrete and other areas, one leader that is truly local stands out from the rest. That’s the Aqua Boy!

We are proud to be Medford’s number one exterior cleaner for over a decade. We are a modest local family that works hard to maintain an excellent reputation. In fact we challenge Medford residents to find other companies who target this area with a reputation that is higher than ours.  Trust the REAL family owned, verified Local power washing business to Medford with over 700 5-Star Google Reviews!  It’s no wonder all the Local Power Washing in Medford is performed by Aqua Boy!

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Why We’re the #1 Power Washer in Medford 

What separates our Aqua Boy team from the rest? Each member of the Aquaboy team has been selected, classroom trained and field tested to ensure the highest results and safety while on your Medford property. Our staff is background checked, courteous and knowledgeable in regards to the exterior cleaning industry. This makes our team superior among our competitors, because with the knowledge and the right tools Medford and Medford Lakes have received the highest quality of exterior workmanship in the tri-state area. Unlike our competitors you’ll be able to see our uniformed staff working at all the photos we display on social media.

Each crew can clean from your roof top to your curb line with our Total Care© Package. Aquaboy Power Washing will never use only one or two technicians to perform a roof cleaning. This is important if there are other projects around your Medford home. Why is this important to Medford residents? If you see roof cleaning done by only one or two people it’s a recipe for disaster, harmed plants or damaged property. Here at Aqua Boy we take roof cleaning very seriously you will see three trained staff on every project we perform. One individual technician will be assigned specifically to take care of your landscaping, flowers, plants and foilage Read More Here

Remember to Ask Where Their Company is Based! 

Aqua Boy is the local Medford expert when it comes to all things regarding your home’s exterior cleaning. DO NOT  be fooled by out of town companies. Demand local professionals who work in your community and know your town. Ask if they’re in the Medford Facebook groups. Since Aqua Boy has been helping homeowners from all areas of Medford for over 10 years, we know our clients. We stand behind our work, and we are locally accessible to Medford Residents.

What’s so important about the right tools? 

Not too many Medford and Medford Lakes customers think about equipment when shopping around for an exterior cleaning company. Having the right equipment is one of the most important aspects of choosing an exterior cleaning company that will produce professional results. When Medford customers are shopping around they should be mindful if they see pictures of the equipment on Facebook posts and other areas of social media. This particular search will give Medford customers a very good gauge on exactly who they are hiring regarding roof cleaning, Soft Washing and Power Washing.

If you find companies that display pictures that don’t look authentic or pulled from the Internet, rest assured this should raise a question or some doubt about choosing that company to wash or clean your exterior in Medford. Having visual proof of state of the art equipment can be proven very effective in receiving quality work. This is true especially from a company that is claiming to have this equipment but does not show it in any of their social media platforms.

Local Power Washing In Medford The Total Care Program

The Importance of Checking out Power Washers Online

Medford Power Washing Online ResearchIt is our priority as an exterior cleaning company to show our before and after pictures and our trucks equipment and uniformed staff which we proudly display. We don’t use this as a tactic to sell, rather to illustrate our proven track record. We also demonstrate to the Medford community just what you’re getting when you’re hiring a professional exterior cleaning company. In conclusion we are a company that states we have the highest technology &  equipment and uniformed staff. Aqua Boy uploads our project photos.  Find our on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Ask about our Total Care Program. You’ll be amazed what we can do for your ENTIRE property! Your home will come out sparkling new!

The Transparency of our Business to the Medford Community

Medford Power Washing LocalWe are a true local family business we are located on the edge of Medford in Marlton Township. Our family is a part of the community. Our children participate in the schools. We integrate into the surrounding towns for many charitable events and other holiday festivities. Our definition of local is living and being a part of the community in which you work in. We are helping many small businesses in Medford and Medford Lakes and have been for over 30 years.It’s important to realize that we are not a PO Box or rented a place in the vicinity just to gain the business of the Medford community. The money you spend here stays here with the Aquaboy family and we know that Medford is one of the biggest shop local small communities in the South Jersey area and we are proud to be part of it!

So if you’d like to schedule your Medford Power Washing, click the FREE Quote button below. Also, you can upload any project photos, and you’ll receive a prompt, personal quote within 24 hours. If you have some questions about our process or need to speak with a Medford/Medford Lakes cleaning specialist, please call direct at (609) 923-4700

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