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Medford connection to Aqua Boy Power Washing

Medford loves shopping local and supporting Aqua Boy Power Washing a local family business. No one knows this better then the Aqua Boy Power Washing family. For over a decade we have been servicing the people of Medford with tremendous pride. No other exterior company cleans more properties in Medford than Aqua Boy Power Washing. From cleaning St. Mary of the Lakes Church and School to thousands of residential properties Aqua Boy is a cut above the rest. Our overall customer reviews and track record is our proof. When Medford customers search for power washing or roof cleaning, they discover Aqua Boy Power Washing is just around the corner in Marlton, New Jersey.

Medford Local Power Washing Report CardWe will provide customer service that cannot be matched by an outside companies 30 plus miles away targeting the area. When Medford or Medford Lakes customers call, we can respond the very same day with a free estimate at your doorstep. If there’s ever any customer concerns, our return to your residence is the very same day. Why take a gamble with outside companies keeping you waiting for days or weeks. If you live in Medford and your looking for a roof cleaning with a 5-year warranty or your house needs a certified low pressure wash then trust the local experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing, we don’t target the area, we live here.

Power Washing vs. Soft Washing in Medford

So what’s all the Soft Wash talk and is it right for my Medford house? Well, it’s not that simple, power washing was the only tool for exterior cleaning companies for many years. Medford customers had never heard of Soft Washing 10 years ago. Power Washing is heavy pressure cleaning that utilizes force to blast algae and mold off your Medford house. Unfortunately, this primitive way to clean has had its ups and downs. In the wrong hands the pressure has been responsible for damages. Unable to regulate the pressure, the end results were damages to decks and other surface that cannot handle heavy pressure. Fortunately, Soft Washing was developed and Aqua Boy is one of the first companies to bring it to Medford and all of South Jersey. This revolutionary application for exterior cleaning has changed the way exterior cleaning companies clean particular surfaces.

Medford Local Power Washing vs Soft Washing

Unfortunately, with this revolutionary way to clean many companies are being forced to market this terminology to stay competitive in the exterior cleaning industry. Soft Washing is a completely different system than Power Washing. A soft wash system utilizes pumps much like a pest control person that agricultural sprays a field. Over the past 10 years the Aqua Boy Power Washing has invested in the best and latest soft washing technology available in the United States. Power Washing still has its place in Medford New Jersey, but the utilization of a power washer is only designated for hard surfaces such as, concrete, paver systems and more.

More on Soft Wash Cleaning

Soft washing utilizes low pressure cleaning, the pressure distributed is as much as a heavy rain or a household garden hose. Many Medford customers ask with low pressure how is it possible to effectively clean my Medford Roof or my Medford House. The answer is quite simple, soft washing utilizes echo friendly detergents scientifically designed to kill algae and mold on many surfaces that cannot withstand pressure. This detergent is an excellent resource in disinfecting many surfaces by eradicating organic growths 100%. The added bonus to Soft Washing is that when Medford residences call the experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing the results are much higher and the results last much longer, due to the fact that Soft Washing actually kills algae on contact. Just the use of heavy pressure to clean a surface has the probability of having the algae return much quicker.

Local Power Washing In Medford The Total Care Program

When Medford customers contact Aqua Boy Power washing we arrive with every application to ensure the highest results on your Medford property. Aqua Boy is the only company to design the total care package. Our total care package revolutionizes the way exterior cleaning is done. Each and every Aqua Boy professionally lettered truck has been customized and designed to clean your Medford property utilizing Soft Washing, Power Washing, and hot water cleaning technology. Each trained team member has the ability to clean whatever surface requested by our Medford customers. With that being said, you wouldn’t hire a roof cleaner to clean your pavers, concrete or your deck. Trusting in the Aqua Boy local family business will ensure that every exterior cleaning project we perform, will be at the highest results in the industry.

Pressure washing your Medford house

The utilization of a pressure washer for hard surfaces is an excellent resource to remove heavy mold and algae. These can become potentially slipping hazards around your Medford residence. Aqua Boy Power Washing is a cut above the rest when it comes to cleaning pavers, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and many other flat surfaces around your Medford property. Moreover, our uniformed and trained technicians will not only Power Wash, but we will initially treat these flat surfaces with echo friendly detergents to ensure that all organic life forms are eradicated. Secondly, we have the ability to hot wash or cold wash any of the services mentioned above.

When our Medford customers turn to the experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing we have the right tools to bring about the highest results in the industry. We invite you to visit our 750 – 5 star reviews online and our Face Book photos. Our Relationship with Medford, Location and a proven track record has made Aqua Boy Power Washing number one year after!

The right and wrong way to clean your Medford Roof

Roof cleaning is one of the most technical and difficult exterior cleaning applications in the industry. Medford customers need to pay closer attention to who they choose when it comes to roof cleaning. You should clean the roof as recommended by the American Roof Manufacture Association (ARMA). This standard is based on the soft washing of a roof with the correct detergent strengths and equipment. Unfortunately, these eco-friendly detergents and the equipment are expensive. In addition, this is a cost to the business owner, but it is the only correct method to clean your Medford Roof.

Medford’s Best Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

In addition, Aqua Boy Power Washing follows the highest standards when it comes to certified Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. As a result, we offer our original five-year spot free limited warranty on all full roof cleanings. We employ three classroom trained and field tested technicians on every project. For example, one  technicians will protect your landscaping and your home during the entire cleaning process. With this business model we have grown to become the highest rated Soft Wash Roof Cleaning company in New Jersey. Please don’t take our word for it, visit our online reviews and photos on Facebook. It’s in these online searches that you’ll discover Aqua Boy Power Washing is a cut above the rest.

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