Local Power Washing In Medford: Know The Difference

Local Power Washing in Medford by Aqua Boy!

It seems that Local Power Washing in Medford is easy to come by. But Beware who you trust! Since Medford, NJ is a highly targeted area for contractors, most companies simply claim they’re local!  We all know why they do this. It’s to gain your trust and get your business. Medford residents are left scratching their heads when outside companies sell themselves as true local businesses. Trust the REAL family owned, truly Local business to Medford with over 500 5-Star Google Reviews!  It’s no wonder all the Local Power Washing in Medford is performed by Aqua Boy! Now we are also offering our Total Care© Program to keep your ENTIRE home looking new! Once you see our program’s cleaning results, you too will understand why Aqua Boy is Medford’s most sought after power washing company!

Local Power Washing in Medford Google Reviews

Here’s a fact about Aqua Boy Power Washing that is both comforting and true. We are the highest rated exterior cleaning company in Medford and South Jersey. No one cleans more houses and roofs in Medford than Aqua Boy! Our family business prides itself on establishing honest customer relations. For over a decade, we have become Medford’s 1st choice for Soft Washing, Power Washing and Roof Cleaning. Read More Here

Remember to Ask Where Their Company is Based! 

Aqua Boy is the local Medford expert when it comes to all things regarding your home’s exterior cleaning. Please don’t be fooled by out of town companies. Demand local professionals who work in your community and know your town. Since Aqua Boy has been helping homeowners from all areas of Medford for over 10 years, we know our clients. We stand behind our work, and we are locally accessible.


Local Power Washing In Medford The Total Care Program

Aqua Boy is committed to the latest soft wash cleaning technology. Because of this, we constantly look for ways to improve your cleaning experience. For sensitive areas such as roofs or siding, we use a low-pressure technique coupled with efficient environmentally-friendly detergents. To clean more difficult surfaces, such as concrete and driveways, we use a higher-pressure technique. For your home’s exterior surfaces, we use a combination of both. Cleaning your whole house, including ALL surfaces, presents a problem for traditional companies. For example, companies who only specialize in roofs may have challenges with cleaning all of your surfaces. Or they may have to hire additional contractors to complete the job. This is messy and time consuming for a homeowner, not to mention the separate prices and hassle-factor. Aqua Boy Power Washing has therefore developed the Total Care© Cleaning Program just for homeowners.

Total Care Local Power Washing in Medford

Local Power Washing in Medford Total Care ChecklistAqua Boy’s Total Care Cleaning Program is here in Medford! You will no longer have to call separate companies for separate projects! From soft wash roof cleaning to siding, to patios and decks We do it all! Our newest fleet of trucks are so sophisticated, that we’ll do everything in one visit! An alternative is finally here for Medford homeowners!  We love to make your WHOLE property look sparkling new! Ask about our Total Care Program and you’ll be amazed what we can do for your ENTIRE property!

Similarly, for that extra peace of mind, our company and staff are fully licensed and insured. Aqua Boy’s Medford Total Care service includes:

Soft Wash Cleaning– Gentle & effective cleaning for all surfaces!
Full Mobile Services– One stop, One day full & complete service!
No Hassle Guarantee– 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction!
Local Dependable Service– Complete support and pride in workmanship!

So if you’d like to schedule your Medford Power Washing, click the FREE Quote button below. Also, you can upload any project photos, and you’ll receive a prompt, personal quote within 24 hours. If you have some questions about our process or need to speak with a Cherry Hill cleaning specialist, please call direct at (609) 923-4700

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