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Aqua Boy Power Washing is a complete exterior power washing expert! And we’re a one-stop shop for your entire exterior cleaning needs. That’s Right! Our Family owned and local business has thousands of satisfied customers in Medford and Cherry Hill. Because for over a decade we have been providing a full array of exterior cleaning applications that can clean everything from your roof to the curb. This business model has gained us the highest rated exterior cleaning company in South Jersey. Yes! Check out our 650 plus verified reviews online.

But it’s not our location in Marlton, New Jersey that has gained us this notoriety, it’s our full service trucks and highly trained uniformed staff. If your shopping around and your paging through the internet you’ll discover Aqua Boy Power Washing’s equipment might look different from our outside competition. That’s because we have invested in Soft Washing and Power Washing equipment with a custom flare.

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Each truck that pulls up to your Medford or Cherry Hill home carries the most State-Of-The-Art equipment in the industry. We offer our Total Care© Program for Complete Exterior Power Washing! Aqua Boy has the tools and the know how to not just wash your roof, but clean your decking, pavers, concrete, fence and house with the quality you expect from a local business. So if your Cherry Hill or Medford Roof needs a cleaning and your considering taking a break from the back -breaking power washing chores Aqua Boy has you covered with our Total Care Package.

Services Offered With the Right Tools at the Right Price:

  • Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Our Original 5 year Warranty

  • House Washing

  • Deck Cleaning

  • Fence Cleaning

  • Concrete Cleaning

  • Pool Deck Cleaning

  • Rust Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

All Total Care© Program Services in one Truck!!!!

Your Cherry Hill or Medford House doesn’t have to look like it’s getting older.

Algae and Mold are the reasons why your concrete, decking, fences; roofs and house are looking older. From patios to sideways algae covered concrete makes a house look older and becomes a slipping hazard. If your driveway or patio looks black, Aqua Boy has a solution at affordable pricing. Will arrive with the latest hot water Cleaning Technology; coupled with the best eco-friendly soaps in the business. Our process will treat algae at the source and apply 175 degrees of heat to bring about the very best results.

Cherry Hill and Medford residences on average spent $5700.00 on their wooden or composite decking. Unfortunately, decking takes a pretty bad winter beating and requires annual cleaning. Cleaning your Cherry Hill or Medford deck can be challenging and knowing the decking material and what the manufacturer recommends to bring about the very best results can be stressful. Aqua Boy has the know-how and a prove track record for bringing your Cherry Hill or Medford deck back to life. No matter what decking material you have we have the application that will bring long lasting results.

Streaks or Green Moss Patches on your Cherry Hill or Medford Roof


Marlton Gutter Price MatchingMost importantly your Cherry Hill or Medford roof should be cleaned if your noticing black streaks, Moss or Lichen. These organic growths will prematurely age and damage your Cherry Hill or Medford roof. Moss can be seen as green grass patches that trap moisture and have the potential to create wood rot by lifting up your shingle tabs. Lichen can be seen as a flat green leafy growth These growths will attach itself on your Cherry Hill or Medford roof and begin breaking down the granules on your roof. If left untreated each destructive growth will force Cherry Hill or Medford residences to replace their roof much sooner. Roof cleaning should be done by a trained professional utilizing Soft Washing technology and the correct detergents. Beware of businesses that market themselves as Soft Washers, but only have Power Washing equipment.


You should never Pressure Wash your roof. Untrained professionals that attempt to power wash your Cherry Hill or Medford roof can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Applying heavy pressure to remove these organic growths causes significant amounts of granule loose and wear years off your roof.  For over a decade Cherry Hill and Medford residences have trusted the professionalism of their local family business. We will arrive with uniform and trained staff on every roof cleaning project. For the comfort of our customers Aqua Boy Power Washing offers our original 5 -year roof cleaning warranty. This is coupled with our Complete Exterior Power Washing service and Total Care© Program. Please visit our before and after pictures on Face Book.

My Roof Cleaner Wants to do WHAAAAAAT?

Soft Washing is the most over used term for the exterior cleaning industry. Don’t Hire a Roof Cleaner for your other exterior cleaning needs.  Hire the one true full service exterior cleaning professional. And not all Roof Cleaners are created equally, we do recommend a few roof cleaners that are exceptional, and we are proud to recommend them to our down the shore customers. If you have a property at the South Jersey shore please call for more information.

So what is better for my Medford or Cherry Hill House Soft Washing or Power Washing?

The answer is neither. Each application has its place in the exterior cleaning industry.

Soft Washing is fairly new to the South Jersey area. In addition, soft Washing is a low pressure cleaning, while utilizing detergents that treat and kill mold and algae on surfaces. This application is very effective on cleaning houses and other surface that can’t withstand heavy pressure. Soft Washing has been proven to have a longer lasting effect then power washing or pressure washing. This statement holds true, because Soft Washing treats and kills algae and mold at the source. Medford and Cherry Hill residence get more bang for their buck if you choose Soft Washing over Power Washing.


Power washing is an effective technique for cleaning because it should only be used on hard surfaces.  Therefore the use of heavy pressure coupled with hot water can really restore your concrete, pavers or patio area. Pressure Washing or Power Washing does the job by breaking free grime and heavy caked on dirt. Unfortunately, some companies aren’t equipped or not invested in both Power Washing and Soft Washing. These systems are expensive to purchase and difficult to train employees on. In addition, when Medford or Cherry Hill customers call the experts at Aqua Boy Power Washing, they are met with a company that is well versed in the Total care of your Medford or Cherry Hill home. From Soft Washing to Hot Water Power Washing we are a cut above the outside competition.

Whatever your exterior cleaning needs are, our Total Care package is everything South Jersey needs right at your curb line. For complete exterior power washing, call the experts with a proven decade track record and you’ll discover Aqua Boy Power Washing is South Jersey true exterior cleaning leader! We are servicing our Medford and Cherry Hill residences this 2019 season, and remember we are Located on the boarder of Cherry Hill and Medford for the best top rated customer service. Shop local and save those hidden travel fees!

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