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Summer is here in Cherry Hill! That means HOT temperatures! And we know the summer heat means barbecues, pool parties and outdoor fun! However, if your patio and other concrete surfaces are dirty, that’ll spoil the fun! Also, your property is surrounded by concrete. It’s what makes up sidewalks, pool decks, patios, and driveways. Concrete requires maintenance, including routine cleaning, to keep it looking good! Aqua Boy to the rescue! Our company will clean ALL of your horizontal surfaces. For example: driveways, patios, decks and sidewalks. Need your landscape or walkway pavers cleaned? No problem there either! Stain removal is also our specialty. Read on!

Aqua Boy: Rated Best Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning Company!

We specialize in all things exterior cleaning! Our experience for the last decade in Cherry Hill is unmatched, especially with Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning. Long gone are the days of handymen with pressure washers doing all kinds of unforeseen damage to your property. It’s key to hire the right professional. Whoever you use should have an advanced understanding of the science involved! As you wouldn’t hire a gardener to balance your pool chemistry, you wouldn’t hire a roof cleaner for example, to properly evaluate and clean your concrete.

Fortunately, the foremost authority on Cherry Hill concrete cleaning is Aqua Boy!  Aqua Boy has developed the latest technology in our Total Care© Cleaning package. Our new fleet is designed to handle ALL cleaning jobs in on visit! No more separate calls to separate companies. Hire Aqua Boy Power Washing. We’re Cherry Hill’s preferred company and We do it all!

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What Exactly is Concrete Anyway?

Concrete is the world’s most popular building material! We tend to think about buildings, roads, swimming pools and driveways when you hear the word concrete. For example, if you begin to examine the constituents of the material, you can understand why concrete is so versatile. Concrete itself is made up of three components: 1) Water 2) Rock (or aggregates) and 3) Cement (the binding agent). These three materials, when mixed properly and in the right ratios, harden to form the durable stuff we’ve come to know.  When you hear the term, you think strong! That’s certainly true. But concrete is by far indestructible.

This is especially true when you think about the microscopic world. When examined at the surface level, concrete is prone to cracking, chipping and biological growth! That’s right, the surface of the concrete has lots of places to hide for microbes. Read on below why that becomes important.

Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning Science

Science Corner: How Does My Concrete Get So Dirty?

The reason concrete gets so dirty is that it’s surface it literally full of tiny craters and crevices! That’s right, think about the surface of the moon. The moon is full of craters, holes, valleys and surface imperfections.concrete much like other porous substrates, allows dirt and water to adhere to it’s surface. Tiny voids in the surface harbor stubborn stains and dirt. In addition, concrete very effectively holds water too, either in the crevices and craters, or in valleys on the surface. Water introduces growth. For instance, minerals such as calcium support the growth on the surface. Heavy metals, especially iron, will cause ‘rust-like’ staining and will leave concrete discolored. Certain sealants will fill the surface of the concrete, increasing life span, but always need replacement.

Take a look at the scanning electron micrographs below. The surfaces are magnified 10,000x so you can clearly see the rough surface. After that, several concrete types, including cement are shown. Notice the crystalline like structure and how rough the surface actually is. Surface cleaning with hot water and specialized detergents eradicate dirt and growth.

Scanning Electron Micrographs of Finished Concrete Surfaces (10,000x magification) \ Courtesy, ASCE Library

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

As stated the organisms grow right on the surface. Yes,life can be sustained on concrete, but how? This involves a symbiotic relationship between bacteria and fungi or lichens. The bacteria are contained within some of the cells of the fungi. They assimilate the nutrients from the minerals, grow, and convert the nitrogen in the atmosphere for the fungi. In return the fungi shields the bacteria from harmful sunlight and prevents dehydration. In other words, once this ‘partnership’ of microbes gets going, it can spread quickly. For example, look at the photograph below. You can see here a concrete surface supporting growth. These are lichens and cyanobacteria. Left unchecked this becomes and eyesore. Furthermore, concrete will degrade over time, which is worse.

Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning Growth

Biological Growth of Symbiotic Lichens on Concrete


Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning Aqua Boy

Aqua Boy’s Scientific Cleaning Method

Aqua Boy Power Washing has years of local experience for Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning. We routinely treat dirty, growth-ridden, stained concrete. In addition, we use a combination of pressure, heat and the right application of rust removing agents. This combination and using our specific surface cleaning equipment produces the best results. However, oils, fertilizers, and certain acids will discolor concrete differently than other agents. We’ll carefully determine what’s causing any discoloration on your surfaces using science, a trained eye and the right experience. Your concrete will look sparkling new! Our Total Care Cleaning© Package will clean your ENTIRE property, not just your concrete.

In conclusion, hiring untrained, inexperience power washers may lead to some issues with the life of your surfaces. Therefore, you will realize not all pressure washers are sufficiently experienced or trained. Some live miles away claiming to be local to win confidence of unsuspecting homeowners. Do your homework first! For example, imagine your surface ruined (roof, patio, etc) by an out-of-towner just to save a few dollars. Be wary of companies that will undercut an agreed-to quoted price! The price you may ultimately pay could be very significant in damages.

Let us inspect your particular setup and offer a free, no obligation quote. Above all, you’ll be glad you took the time to do the research. And you’ll quickly see that our expertise will quickly and efficiently identify the problem. There is a reason so many local communities trust Aqua Boy. We are rated the Best Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning Company in South Jersey!

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