Best Medford Concrete Cleaning Company

Best Medford Concrete Cleaning CompanyAqua boy is Rated the Best Medford Concrete Cleaning Company

Springtime is here in Medford! So Medford homeowners need to worry about freshening up their homes’ exterior and their grounds too. We are talking about concrete, and how it takes a beating over the winter months. Your homes are surrounded by concrete. It’s what makes up sidewalks, pool decks, patios, and driveways. It requires maintenence to keep it looking good! Fortunately, the best Medford concrete cleaning company is Aqua Boy! Below, we’ll share our tip for keeping your concrete looking clean, while helping to preserve it’s integrity.

What is Concrete and How does it Become Dirty?

Concrete is the most popular artificial construction material on Earth. When we think about concrete, again we think about building foundations, swimming pools and white driveways. By weight, we use more concrete than any other material (except for water). However, concrete does not refer to a single material like wood, plastic or steel. It’s made up of rocks, gravel and adhesive. You can think of concrete as a sort of ‘rocky jello’ made up of rocks and cement. It is poured, or molded into basically any shape you want. It’s been said concrete holds the world together, and that’s not entirely false.

How does Concrete Get So Dirty?

The reason concrete gets so dirty is that it’s full of holes! That’s right, concrete much like other porous substrates, allows dirt and water to adhere to it’s surface. Tiny voids in the surface harbor stubborn stains and dirt. Unless a waterproof coating is applied, concrete will also absorb liquids. Rust staining, minerals and other dark colored organic compounds will leave concrete discolored. Not to fear however, the best Medford Concrete Cleaning Company is local!

Best Medford Concrete Cleaning Company

Pressure Washing to Clean Concrete

Aqua Boy has years of local experience in dealing with dirty, stained concrete. Furthermore, we use a combination of pressure, heat and the right application of rust removing agents. This combination, with our highly trained technical staff, produces the best results. It takes a trained eye and the right experience to determine what’s discoloring your concrete.

Don’t just let ANY company, especially non-local to Medford, damage your concrete. Let us inspect your particular setup and offer a free, no obligation quote. You’ll be glad you took the time to do the research. There is a reason so many local commercial businesses trust Aqua Boy. We are rated the Best Medford Concrete Cleaning Company in South Jersey! Call the our experts at (609) 923-4700 or click the button below to schedule your quote!

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