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Recover from a harsh winter in South Jersey with the Aqua Boy team.

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Call the Pro’s for your exterior Power Washing or Roof Cleaning this spring season. Aqua Boy Power Washing has been the highest Google reviewed exterior cleaner for over a decade. Check us out on the web, and you’ll discover we are the most affordable and reliable exterior cleaner in all of South Jersey.  The winters in South Jersey can be brutal on your deck, house and other flat surfaces. Less sun light and more dampness becomes the perfect environment for mold and algae to grow. These common affected areas require annual cleanings to protect the surface against damages and the possibility of slips and falls. Cleaning concrete walkways and other flat surfaces will enhance the overall look of your South Jersey property.

Overlooking these areas of concern will eventually lead to the surface becoming unmanageable and permanently discolored. From black covered concrete and leaf stained decks we have affordable rates and the know how to exceed your expectations this 2021 spring season.

When considering hiring a local Roof Cleaner or Power Washer this 2021 season, please use these basic recommendations to find the best professional for the job:


Aqua Boy Power Washing is a family owned business located in Marlton, New Jersey. Our location has allowed us to maintain and develop relationships throughout the towns in which we live. Donating our time and services for good causes is just one of the ways we differ from outside companies targeting our area.  If your South Jersey property needs to sparkle again this 2021 season, then call on the Pros at Aqua Boy Power Washing. Supporting local family businesses has proven to save customers money and benefit the community in which they live. There are no hidden costs associated with travel times to and from the cleaning project and if our customers require a follow up question or concern we can arrive the very next day, not when we are back in town. Aqua Boy Power Washing’s small town customer service, blended with outstanding results will make you coming back for more!

The Right Tools

Aqua Boy Power Washing arrives with professional grade equipment and a trained and uniformed team. We bring South Jersey a whole new level of cleaning and affordability. Whatever surface you’re looking to clean this 2021 spring season, just call the pros at Aqua Boy Power Washing. Why call a roof cleaner to clean your concrete or deck? Our full exterior cleaning trucks are mounted with all of the latest and professional grade equipment for a one-stop shop.

Trained Technicians and Uniformed Staff

Having the tools and trained staff benefits our customers with stretching their dollar. Being a full service exterior cleaning company has benefited our customers over the years. We have taken the need to call multiple contractors for different projects at your South Jersey home. We don’t specialize in only roof cleaning, but can clean everything from your roof to your curb line. Each uniformed technician is classroom and field trained to ensure your receiving the very best service. Having the ability to clean concrete, roofs, decks, houses, pavers and more, has allowed our package pricing to be affordable to many of our South Jersey residences. Visit our online photos and reviews and discover why Aqua Boy is a leader in the exterior cleaning business.

Cleaning your South Jersey Property without the worry of damages.

Are you afraid of heavy damaging pressure? Unfortunately, we hear all to often about damages to decks and houses caused by untrained contractors. This primitive and cheap application is just hitting any surface with heavy water pressure in hopes to remove organic stains. Although, this seemed to do the trick 20 years ago, many South Jersey customers were left with irreversible damage and the return of algae much quicker. At Aqua Boy Power Washing we have adopted the very latest technology in cleaning different surfaces around your Voorhees property safely. With the correct equipment and specially blended eco friendly detergents, we can use our Soft Wash method on surfaces that have the potential of becoming damaged.

Soft Washing has become the superior way to enhance the look and maintain the overall beauty of your property. This scientific way of cleaning is not done with a power washer turned down low, but specially designed equipment that eradicates harmful molds and algaes at the source, in the same way a disinfectant cleans a countertop. Soft Washing utilizes pumps that disperse detergent with the same pressure as a garden hose. Aqua Boy has taken the worry out of exterior cleaning.

Aqua Boy Power Washing is one of the first exterior cleaning companies to bring this service to the South Jersey area. For more information on our award winning services please visit us

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